Virtues VS Vices

As we all are born to be a Namdhari, it is our duty to obey all the rules and regulations in order to be a true Namdhari. Rules and regulations here signify the teachings of our religion. To begin with, the first and the foremost step is to shun all the vices and adopt all the virtues. There are five main vices and virtues that go side by side. For instance, lust (Kaam), anger (Krodh), greed (Lobh), attachment (Moh), and proud (Ahankar) oppose the virtues such as continence, patience, contentment, detachment and humility respectively.

- Continence VS Lust : lustfulness is a grave sin that human create extra-maritally or pre-maritally. This produces nothing but shame and misery which lead human to hell. Obviously! evil thoughts lead to evil actions. However, lustful thoughts should be self-controlled through Naam Simran.

- Patience VS Anger : anger is that uncontrolled excitement of mind which leads to quarrels and violence. This can only be conquered by patience and forgiveness. Try to calm down the worse situations and always remember "Forgive and Forget".

- Contentment VS Greed : greed is the excessive desire for other's belongings which make human take almost all evil steps in order to achieve. "The more we get, the more we need". Whereas a contented person is satisfied with what he has. But greedy people! their need can never be satisfied.

- Detachment VS Attachment : attachment is the excessive love for our dear and near ones. But once we loose them, we become frustrated. Therefore, never let sorrow and seperation affect us. Thus remain detached and happy.

- Humility VS Proud : pride is the 'ego' due to possession of physical beauty, wealth, power, position and sometimes good deeds. This stops human from progression. It's antidote is humility. Be humble and decent in order to impress others but never be proud as Guru Nanak Dev Ji said, "whoever kills the wicked ego within, is a real warrior".

A man resembles a devil when these vices appear altogether.
Therefore, adopt virtues, become a true devotee (true Namdhari) and
never let vices overtake virtues.