Importance of Naam Simran
Have you ever thought that
How is Naam Simran related to our mind and soul ?

Naam Simran does not merely mean reciting the 'four letters word' but it should be done pure heartedly without any vices. While doing Naam Simran you should always concentrate on Satguru Ji, other thoughts should not interrupt you during Naam Simran.

This four letters word should always be respected, while recitting you should utter all the words clearly by moving your lip. Actually, while reciting you are suppose to recite as loud that you can hear but no one else can.
This four letters word has got a very great history behind it. It is said that Guru Nanak Dev Ji (founder of Sikhism) meditated for 36 yug. Out of which it took him 9 yug for each letter. After completing the four letters of 9 yug each (36 yug), he meditated the whole word for another 4 more yug. Therefore, Naam Simran is very pure and powerful. If you recite it pure heartedly without any suspection it will bring peace to your mind and soul. This can help you during whole your life whether it be happiness or sadness. These words are always there for you in order to remember Satguru Ji, he is the only one who can lead you in all walks of life.

Satguru Ji himself says, "Everyone should recite Naam Simran atleast an hour a day, even the new born child. For the newly born children, their parents should do for them and once the child is grown up enough to understand everything then he should do the Naam Simran without any delay". Therefore, Naam Simran also comes under your Daily Routine.
Moreover, when a person dies - his age is not accounted as the age he spent on this earth but it is accounted as how much time he spent reciting Naam Simran i.e. every moment that a person recites is always accounted so you must recite Naam Simran as much as you can. There are no lost in reciting but always a profit, as to brighten your life in this birth as well as the next birth. But the main thing to remember is "never be proud" if you have recited Naam Simran four hours a day - you should never be proud in thinking that it is more than what Sri Satguru Ji has said. But do not forget that even four hours is very less. "Recite as much as you can, recite wherever you are - There is always an open door for you through Naam Simran". Open - door here has two meaings ;
- any one can recite at any moment AND
- your way to heaven will be smooth and clear.

Therefore spend as much time as you can for the Naam Simran and do not forget what Sri Satguru Ji has said, "everyone should recite Naam Simran at least one hour a day". So recite and make your life worthy.