Truth brings Precious Moments

Buddhists, Muslims< Hindus< Sikhs and others are all who follow different religion. By being a part from different religion, they all belong to the same planet. Although it is obvious that different people from different religion worship God in various forms, people do not realize it.
Different religion teaches the followers according to their belief. But a question still interrupts the mind, "which is the common religion that everyone is suppose to follow?".

Have you ever noticed? Every religion focuses on TRUTH. Whatever the religion is, who ever the person is- he is taught to speak the truth. Truth is the only way to which he can protect himself from creating sins because if he tells lie atleast once, he need to tell lies in order to make his false statement true. Therfore, telling lies does not help at all, it rather spoils the designation as well as add a sin to the sin list.
Moreover, a human life is supposed to adopt TRUTH as the basic state of life. Whereas, the modern human life is treated on the basis of lies as once a person starts to work, he makes profit by telling lies. This shows everything in life depends on lies.

Just imagine ! How would the human life be without lies?

You may think, no lies-no profit. But this is absolutely wrong. As a person earns and earns, he has money and he forget Satguru Ji. Naam Simran has very less importance for him. He may think that having money means owning everything that he prefers. But he is mistaken because truth helps him earn the most precious moments of life by remembering Sri Satguru Ji and by reciting Naam Simran.

Once a person has no money, then he will start think of God whereas, this should not be the case. We should think of God all the time. If compared, money does not help us in our future births whereas, truth helps us to make our future births better.
If considered, truth as opposed to lies, is given more respect and more weight. As Guru Nanak Dev Ji has written in Japji Sahib, "Aad Sach Jugad Sach Haibhi Sach, Nanak Hosi Bhi Sach", which means truth has been a part of past, is a part of present and will be for future. Moreover, at the time of Guru Nanak Dev Ji truth was given more importance.

This shows that TRUTH is the most basic part in order to take any step in your life through which only the true people succeed. Therefore, we as Namdharis should adopt the habit of speaking the truth and accept it as the purpose of all the religions because Truth is the only way through which we can get close to Sri Satguru Ji.