"Forgive and Forget"
  As a child opens his eyes and faces the world, he has to watch his own steps in every moments of his life including his thoughts, feelings, and emotions. AS he grow and ecperiences many situations, he expresses himself by his feelings. Although feelings are the main purpose to lead life, it does spoil a person too. Out of all the feelings, anger is the worst. Once a person becomes angry, his mind does not work. Whatever he says or he does at that moment, it does not come from his mind but his anger is the cause. At that moment, he may take certain actions that could harm someone else or may be himself; or he may say something rude which could spoil his renowed reputation. Anger could even lead to revenge and sometimes envy. It is very difficult to control anger. People tend to take revenge in order to satisfy his anger, but the act of taking revenge means creating a sin. Moreover, if a person creates a problem and the other person takes revenge in anger, then there is no difference between the two. As both of them has created a sin simultaneously (one created problem and the other took revenge). Therefore, if people go on creating problems and taking revenge, then there will not be an end to our sin list. Once, our sin list is full of sins then we have wasted our qualities of being Human as these are the acts of lower animals. Thus anger can ruin a life. In order to make your life worthy, whenever you get angry, you should think of Sri Satguru Ji and recite Naam Simran to calm yourself down. One you calm down, you would realize the consequences of your anger and the phrase "Forgive and Forget" may reside in your heart. This may just be a three-word phrase but it means a lot for everyone. Satguru Ram Singh Ji has said, "Khima Karni", "Khima Karan Waliyan De Guru Ang Sang Sahai Hunda Hai", this means we should forgive others. Guru is always with those who learn to forgive. Therefore, in order to be fortunate enough to let our Guru always be with us, we should try to go accroding to his teachings.  
and be Thankful to our Guru
who has given us this life.