How Lucky we are to be a NAMDHARI !

Just think how have we got this birth ?

  The human form of life is given to you after 8.4 million births in different forms. These 8.4 million births are really terrible and horrible in which you are suppose to wash all your sins you created in previous births. After having done that 8.4 million times you are then born in the form of human being.
But more important is that once you are born as a NAMDHARI its sure that you would be a NAMDHARI for your next seven births. That means you are getting opportunities for seven times to make your life worth it, if you can. Then you are born as a human being for the 8th time, but if not, then you may go through 8.4 million terrible births. And the only thing that can help you get through these 8.4 million births is NAAM SIMRAN and obeying Sri Satguru Ji's words.
So realise the value of your life
and don't waste time...!!!