Namdhari Jatha
Namdhari Vidyak Jatha
  Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji constituted the Namdhari Vidyak Jatha on 16th of Bhadon Vikrami

Samvat 2019 i.e. on 1st September 1962 A.D.It is presently known as Vishav Namdhari Vidyak Jatha.

  Thirty nine annual sessions of the Boys Wing of Namdhari Vidhyak Jatha and twenty three
sessions of the Ladies Wing have so far been held under the pious presence of Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji. In these sessions, Members of the Jatha from all over the world assenble at one place to participate in various competitions and compete with each other for the top positions.
  Since 1996 A.D., around 40 Gurmat Sikhlai Samagams have been held (so far) zone-wise.
  The First Annual session of Namdhari Vidyak Jatha was held between May 29 and June 06
1965 A.D. at Sri Bhani Sahib.
Namdhari Vidyak Jatha was registered as a society on May 9,1969 A.D.
  The main office of the Namdhari Vidyak Jatha is presently located at Sri Bhani Sahib, while
for sometime, initially, it operated from Sri Jeewan Nagar.

The activities of the Namdhari Vidyak Jatha

  By the grace of Satguru Ji, the Vidyak Jathas are functioning with full zeal across the world.

Seventy five units of the boys-wing, located across the globe, and fifty units of the girl-wing are functioning in order to receive the blessings of Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji. Apart from holding Annual Sammelans , Zonal Gurmat Sikhlai Samagams are also held which are one day functions meant for training the younger generation so that they are ever-ready to perform their religious duties. In these functions, they are trained for performing Ardas, Naam Simran, Dastar, public speaking etc.

Aims and Objectives of the Vishwa Namdhari Vidyak Jatha
  The main objective of the Vishwa Namdhari Vidyak Jatha is to organize the Namdhari youth
and spread the teachings of Sri Satguru Ji and imbibe the spirit of Sikhism in them.
Namdhari Istri Vidyak Jatha
  At first some girls used to participate in the annual sessions of the boys, but in 1982 A.D.,
separate Namdhari Istri Vidyak Jatha, came into existence by the order of H.H. Sri Satguru JagJit Singh Ji. (Suba) Bibi Mohinder Kaur of Hashiarpur was nominated the first President. After her, (Suba) Bibi Surinder Kaur Kharal of Roop Nagar was nominated the second President and now Bibi Sukhjeet Kaur of Ludhiana is the President of Vishwa Namdhari Istri Vidyak Jatha. So far twenty-three Annual Sessions of the Jatha have been held.

The present office bearers of Vishwa Namdhari Istri Vidyak Jatha
President : Bibi Sukhjeet Kaur
General Secretary : Bibi Kulwant Kaur
Secretary : Bibi Narinder Kaur
Treasure : Bibi Amarjeet Kaur