Why to be a Vegetarian ?
Mostly cheese, sugus and jelly are non-veg
because it is constituted of "Gelatin"

Being a Vegetarian plays a significant role in Namdhari's life. In other words, being a Namdhari, a person is supposed to strictly eat only vegetarain. It is very difficult to be a "pure vegetarain" in today's world because people are usually influenced to the wrong paths such as having food without knowing the ingredients.

But have you ever tried to know, "why to be a vegetarain?". To respect His Holiness Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh JI, we should lead life according to his Teachings i.e. to respect NATURE. Obviously! taking other's life in order to satisfy a person's taste is against nature as Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji has written in Rehaet Naama, "Hak Paraiya Nanka, Us Suar Us Gaayn". We are going to be considered as seizor of other's basic rights (as pigs and cows do).

Biologically, it's true that, we are omnivores (eat both plants and animals) but there are many ways to control ourselves from being a sinner by believing in some religion.

Try to relate this point to the 8.4 million birth of a person. Imagine! taking an animal's life, who would have been your relative in previous birth. How cruel it is ! Imagine yourself being at the same place and realize the feelings you would have. Don't you think that's really cruel ?

The only way to overcome this by thinking that "I'm not the one who give life to anybody, therefore, I have no rights to take anybody's life too".

There is a belief that God dwells in everyone's heart. That's true butdon't forget not just "a heart" instead "a pure heart". Pure heart means pure through soul and mind (physically and mentally). But here arises a question, "How does being a vegetarain make mind and soul pure ?".
To cut someone's life without being afraid of nature creates brutality that interrupts a person's mind and makes mind impure. Whereas soul becomes impure when a person swallows in somebody else's flesh and usually fills his stomach with non-vegetarain eatables.

It is not easy to make both mind and soul pure at the same time as a person may eat non-veg by mistake. But we tend to pay attention to the ingredients of the food we eat only when we are determined of being a vegetarian. This also makes our body pure. Thus combination of the purity of mind and soul becomes a nice and clean place for God to reside.
Once God dwells in a person's heart, the person tends to meditate more and more. He will then respect nature according to His Holiness' teachings. Hence becoming a true devotee.