Rehat Nama
- Code of Conduct for the Khalsa -
(As ordained and written by) The 12th Master
Ik Oankar Satgur Prasad
('One God permeating everything, everywhere and He is realized through the grace of the True Preceptor')
Authored by Ram Singh for the entire Khalsa of Bhaini. "The Khalsa as well as the victory
belongs to the Wondrous Lord" - Let this (wishful greeting) be accepted by all.
This Rehatnama is written and meant for the entire Sangat (Congregation) of Bhaini.
Arise (leave your bed) when the last phase of night begins. Take a water-filled gadwa (the
pitcher-like steel-container with a hinged handle) and go for defecation with only your under-clothes on. Cleanse the gadwa twice (with soil, sand or ash). Brush your teeth with a Datun (a short tree-twig). Take a complete bath (i.e. from head to foot).
  Recite Gurbani, if not already learnt by heart, learn it. all - men, women, aged or young -
should do it. Jap, Jaap, Shabad Hazare of both should be learnt by heart. Rehras, Aarti Sohila must also be learnt by heart.
  All should practise abstinence, Chastity and contentment. Recite, all the time, the 'Word'
(Naam) of the True Guru.
  Regard other's daughter or sister as your own. Regarding other's right (i.e. what one is
entitled to), the Guru has already written : "Conveting other's right is equivalent to eating pig's meat (for the Muslim) or cow's flesh (for the Hindu)".
  (After having been initiated into the religious fold) who soever does not recite the Guru's
'Word' (Naam), his'her face shall be tainted in both the world (i.e. his or her image shall get tarnished in the temporal world as well as in the Heaven).
  Don't say anything bad or unsavory (to anybody). Forgive others. Tolerate and endure evil
comments of everybody. Even if somebody hurts you, forgive (him or her). Your protector is the Guru Himself. Always conceal your good deeds.
  Everyday, gather together, recite and sing the holy psalms and hymns. If you wish to offer
sacred food to the people, then clean and purify your kitchen first. Bring unused earthen pots. Wash your feet before entering the kitchen. To conduct a Havan (The Secred Vedic Fire), first, mop up the palce. For the sacred fire of Havan, use the Plah or Beri wood. Do not blow air (from your mouth) into the sacred fire of Havan ; use a hand-fan (if needed). While performing Havan, five men should recite Gurbani from the spiritual text-books - Chaupai, Jap, Jaap, Chandi Charittar, Akal Ustat**. The sixth man***should add Aahuti (the pure Desi Ghee and Sammagri, the incense). The seventh man should sprinkle a little water (cutting accross the sacred fire) to contain to Holy Fire of the Havan.
  If somebody does a bad deed, such as adultery or theft, then don't permit him/her to join
the Sangat (the congregation) anywhere. If such a bad person is physically strong and obdurate, then all should pray together to the Lord that such a person should be rendered incapable of coming to and joining the congregation. My wisdom is scanty. You are wise enough to comprehend and understand everything.
  All should fold their hands befire God and Pray : "Lord, enable us to keep up our Faith".
  All should wear Kachehra (the specially-designed underwear - a symbol of chasitity)****.
(While changing your Kachehra) wear it on one leg first, then, on the other leg.
  Don't hide anybody's misdeeds. Neither take (or accept) any money for your daughter or
sister in marriage, nor exchange your daughter or sister with another's.
  Always keep on reciting the Guru's Word (Naam). Don't marry any girl below sixteen.
  Neither take alcoholic drinks, nor eat meat.
  Always have (in your mind) the fear of the Guru.
Footnotes : * The original Gurmukhi script of the 'Rehatnama' runs continously. Here, it has been paraphrased for easy understanding.
** Sri Satguru Hari Singh Ji had ordered to recite Chandi Di Vaar and Uggardanti in addition to these.
*** The sixth and seventh persons should meditate with Guru's Naam on his lips. (i.e. they should do Naam Simran along with the act of adding ghee, incense and water to the sacred fire of the Havan).
**** All the words placed inside brackets have been given for easy understanding of the text. They are not a part of the text.