Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji
The presence SATGURU of Namdhari Sikh

Birth Day : 22nd November 1920 A.D. , 8 Maghar Vikrami Samvat 1977 during the wee hour of Monday morning at Sri Bhaini Sahib.
Father : Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji
Mother : Mata Bhupinder Kaur Ji
Wife : Mata Chand Kaur Ji
Daughter : Bibi Sahib Kaur

Sri Satguru Jagjit singh Ji acquired the worldly education from Master Balwant Singh Ji.

Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji learnt The Classical Music from Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji, and some other Ustaads named below :
Ustaads (in Classical Music) of Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji
- Ustad Harnam Singh Ji "Chawinde Walw"
- Ustad Udho Khan Ji
- Ustad Rahim Bakhash Ji
- Bhai Taba Ji
- Bhai Nasir Ji

His Holiness Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji was enthroned on sixth of Bhadon, Vikrami Samvat 2016 - August 22 1959 A.D.

Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji started regular Jap-Prayog
Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji started the regular Jap-Prayog at Sri Bhaini Sahib in 1987 A.D.

Gopal Rattan Award
The "Gopal Rattan" award was presented to Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji for His selfless services rendered for the unkeep and protection of cows, by a semi-govt. organisation known as Go-Samvardhan Samiti.

Competitions held during Annual Sessions as well as during Gurmat Sikhlai Samagams (training camps)
In the beginning, only 'Gurbani' Reciting Competitions, General Information, Kavi Sammelans, Dewans and practicle training of Sodh Maryada was given. Later on, the following competitions were also introduced :
- Written Test (in 1979 A.D.)
- Declamation Contests (in 1981 A.D.)
- Turban tying Competition (in 1981 A.D.)
- Asa-di-Vaar Competition (in 1983 A.D.)
- Painting Competition (in 1983 A.D.)
- Quiz Competition (in 1986 A.D.)
- Oral Gurbani Recitation Contest (in 1986 A.D.)
The First Gurmat Sammelan was held at Sri Bhaini Sahib in the presence of His Holiness Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji from Nov.4 to Nov. 7 1991 A.D. to follow and implement the commandments and teachings of Sri Satguru Ji.

Bhogs of Sawa-lakh paths (Recitation of Adi Sri Granth Sahib for One Lac Twenty Five Thousands times) was completed under the pious presence of Sri Satguru Jajjit Singh Ji
The first series (started by Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji) was completed by Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji. The second one was completed in 1974 A.D. and the third series was completed in 1997 A.D. The fourth series is in continuation. All these are being done to expedite the return (home-coming) of Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji who was banished from India by the British rulers.

Performing of Hawan Yagnas of Chandi-di-Vaar
- A huge Hawan Yagnas in which Sawa-lakh path of Chandi-di-Vaar (i.e. one lac twenty five thousand paaths of Chandi-di-Vaar were recited round the clock) was performed in 1980 A.D. at Sri Bhaini Sahib.
- The second Hawan Yagnas was performed in 1999 A.D. in the month of September.

Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji promotes Games And Sports
Since His childhood, Sri Satguru Ji has have a great interest in Games. He, Himself used to actively participate in wrestling, races, cycling, swimming, football, volleyball, and hockey etc. Till recently, His Holiness used to play Badminton daily.

Achievements of Namdharis in field of Sports

In 1974 A.D., some Namdhari youths were sent for training at the NIS, Patiala where the selection officer refused to train them in their Namdhari Uniform. Soon after, His Holiness made up His mind to train the Namdhari youth in accordance with the Namdhari tradition.
-- At first, coaching was started in Guru Hari Singh Maha Vidyala at Sri Jeevan Nagar. Now by the grace of Sri Satguru Ji, loud cheers welcome the Namdhari Team everywhere whenever they enter the hockey field. Their good performance has won them many trophies as well as reputation from all quarters.
--Namdhari Badminton Payers have played the National Level Games.
-- Shahid Bishan Singh Memorial School, New Delhi has won laurels in skating on the eve of Republic Day Celebrations which take place in the presence of the President and the Prime Minister of India.

Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji promotes the Classical Music
His Holiness Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji, being a topmost artist in the field of Classical Music Himself, has made such arrangements that the young generation of Namdharis should also be topper in their respective fieldsof Classical Music.
The services of highly qualified ustads (professional teachers) have been acquired for this purpose. His Holiness Himself takes interest in training the children. Sri Satguru Partap Singh Ji had started a Sangeet Vidyala (Classical Music School) in 1928 A.D. at Sri Bhaini Sahib for the same purpose. Now, many Namdhari boys and girls are capable of playing Sitar, Tabla, Sarod, Sarangi, Dilruba, Taar-Shehnai, Santoor and Flute etc.

Progress in the field of Publications
The weekly 'Satjug' is being publishedsince 1920 A.D., but its present shape and style is praise-worthy. The weekly at present, is being published from Delhi. Its annual editions are rich in literary matter. Every year, a couple of new books are being published by Namdhari Darbar which presents new authors and different reading material before the Sangat. Sevaral daily as well as weekly newspapers and magazines are also receiving liberal financial help from Sri Satguru Ji.

Monthly 'Waryam'
Monthly 'Waryam" is a leading monthly Punjabi magazine in India. It is always in the fore-front in propagating ideals of Namdhari Sect as well as touching general social, political, religious and other fields. Its Editor Sri Jagdish Singh Namdhari, is also the General Secretary of Namdhari Darbar. He has also been at the helm of affairs of the Namdhari Vidyak Jatha.

Memorials build in memory of Shaheed Singhs (Kuka Martyrs)
With the graceful blessings of Sri Satguru Jagjit singh Ji, S. Beant Singh Chief Minister, Punjab initiated steps for making the memorials for Kuka Martyrs at Amritsar, Ludhiana, Raikot and Maler Kotla. The Kuka Memorial trust was constituted for this purpose whose chairman is the Chief Minister of Punjab. Its trustees include many Namdharis, prominent and most active amang them being Sant Surinder Singh Namdhari who has been tirelessly making efforts for the early completion of these memorials. First of all, the memorail at Malerkotla has been completed where half a million pound sterling have been spent on landscaping and buildings. Here, a three-dimensional sixty-six feet high Khanda (double edged swords) has been constructed in such a design that it looks like a double edged swords from all the angles alike. Here a museum and a Library Hall have been built along with a hall for holding small functions. The whole area has been beautifully landscaped which rivals some of the famous parks in India. The land for other memorials has also been acquired at Ludhiana, Raikot and Amritsar and taken under the control of Kuka Martyr Memorials Trust.

Namdhari Seeds
Under the divine guidance of Sri Satguru Jagjit Singh Ji, Thakur Udai Singh Ji - a sincere and hard-working person, has worked very hard to set up and promote a private company called Namdhari Seeds which is located at about 35 Kilometers from Bangalore City in Southern India. Starting from a 186 Acre farm in Bidadi, Bangalore it has grown into a multi-national company with multi-million dollar turnover with branches spread in major citis around the world. It has recently acquired 1500 Acres of land near Bangalore also. It has also setup an ultra modern facility to process seeds as well as a packing facility for exporting fresh organic vegetables to U.K. and other European Countries. It is the number one seeds company in India in terms of turnover as well as quality.