Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji

Date of Birth : Magh Sudi 5 Vikrami Samwat 1872 Basant Panchmi (Thursday, Feburary 13 1816 A.D.)
Place of Birth : Village Rayian (Ludhiana)
Father : Baba Jassa Singh Ji
: Mata Sada Kaur Ji
Brother : Bhai Budh Singh Ji (Sri Satguru Hari Singh Ji)
Sisters : Bibi Ram Kaur , Bibi Sahib Kaur
Wife : Mata Jassan Ji
Children : Bibi Nandan , Bibi Daya Kaur.

Sri Satguru Ram singh Ji was given the throne by Satguru Balak Singh Ji in Hazaron in 1841 A.D. (Vikrami Samvat 1898)

Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji Baptise the Sant Khalsa
On 12 April 1857 A.D. (the Baisakhi Day), 1st Baisakh Vikrami Samvat 1914 at Sri Bhaini Sahib.
Panj Piaras
Bhai Kahan Singh Ji Nihang
Bhai Labh Singh Ragi
Bhai Sudh Singh
Bhai Atma Singh Ji
Bhai Naina Singh Ji
Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji baptise women
For the first time in history in 1863 A.D. (vikrami Samvat 1920 on the full moon of Jeth) at village Siarh in Ludhiana.

Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji perform marriage ceremony 'Anand Karaj Maryada'
First time at Village Khotey on 3rd June 1863 A.D. Jeth Sudi 10th, Vikrami Samvat 1920.

Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji was kept under imprisonment
Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji was sent to Allahabad with a servant (named Nanu Singh) on 18th Jan 1872 A.D. in the morning (at 4 a.m.) from Ludhiana by a special train. On 10th March 1872 A.D. Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji was shifted to Calcutta. On 11th March 1872 A.D. he was sent to Rangoon (now Yangon) with his personal attendant (Bhai Nanu Singh) by a ship at 7 p.m. on 16th March 1872 A.D. He was kept there up to 18th September 1880 A.D. and then shifted to Margui in Burma on 21st September 1880 A.D.

Five Subas appointed by Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji for preaching Sikh Religion
Suba Sahib Singh Ji
Baba Jawahar Singh Ji
Suba Lakha singh Ji
Suba Kahan Singh Ji
Suba Sudh Singh Ji
Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji appointed 22 subas to spread the Namdhari Sikh sect far and wide.

The first Hukamnama received from exile
The first Hukamnama was brought by Baba Darbara Singh Ji from Rangoon in 1874 A.D. which says, Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji had ordered the Namdhari Sangat that now onwards Sri Satguru Hari Singh Ji (Baba Budh Singh) would lead the Sikhs. "The name of Budh Singh is changed to Hari Singh. He will look after the Sikhs. consider him your leader from today onwards. I shall not pardon anyone who is expelled by him. He can pardon the one expelled by me."

The proof the shows Satguru Ram Singh Ji did not leave for the heavenly abode in Margui

1. Sir Charles Bernard (Cheif Comissioner of Burma) wrote a letter in 1886 that Guru Ram Singh Kuka was being shifted to such a remote place where-from it would be difficult for the Kukas to contact or establish a link with Him. The cause of His death was declared as diarrohea in 1885 A.D. But as per the jail record, not even a single death due to diarrohea was declared in the jail in 1885 A.D. and the Government could not explain this anomaly.

2. It was not proved by the Census of 1891.

3. Belongings of Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji (his clothes, Garwa and Nitnem Gutka) were not returned by the Govt. The fact is that Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji will come back again. All relirious worship that we perform is only for the sake of Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji.

'Chini Wala Patshah'
This name was given to Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji because, as Sardar Mangal Singh Bishanpuria had gifted a white mare ti Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji and His Holiness always took His ride on this mare. So He is also called 'Chini Wala Patshah'

Hazoori Ragis of Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji
Bhai Ditu Ji
Bhai Kalu Ji

Sri Satguru Ram Singh Ji was exiled on 18th January 1872 A.D. Hence, 133 years have passed and this is the 134th year running (upto 2005 A.D.).


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